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Super Dope: Mega Z Blue


Mega Z Blue


Super Dope

Original Z
Super Dope Mega Z Blue Strain Review Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary




Pixie Stix, Chamomile, Kushy Funk, Rotten Fruit Sorbet. Vol. 8


One HUGE nug made up my 1/8th. Sticky, excellent humidity, trim, and cure. Just a gorgeous flower. “AAA+”


Elmer’s Glue, Mothballs, Grapefruit Peel, Pine-Infused Gas. Vol. 6


Medium Strength – Evenly distributed head and body symptoms. Positive mindset, free-flowing thoughts. Euphoric body buzz. Just a nice smoke for a productive, yet lit, day.

Super Dope Mega Z Blue Cannabis Strain Review Bonafide Dispensary


Superdope has been absolutely crushing it with their Popperz series. After some considerable R&D, their new line, aptly tipping its cap to the fantastic Nintendo franchise, is the Mega Z.

The first offering, Blue, is an in-house cultivated proprietary blend of Original Z, which is very different than the Blue Zushi that is has been compared to.

To start, the nose on Blue Mega Z could not be any more delectable. Crushed candy powder up front, followed by a medley of aromatic herbs, pine and earth (probably from the KM), and a rich, rotting guava and exotic fruit sorbet on the backend.

Super Dope Mega Z Blue Cannabis Strain Review Bonafide Dispensary

Now I can’t guarantee you that you’ll find a nug as choice as the one I received, but this was one for the record books, kids. A solitary bud was the entirety of my 1/8th and was it ever as gorgeous as could be. As noted above, it scored high in all categories of composition. This is the nicest bud that I’ve seen in a pack from Superdope thus far.

Super Dope Mega Z Blue Cannabis Strain Review Bonafide Dispensary

On the palate, expect a dry, gluey sensation to coat your mouth on the exhale, while traces of citrus candy with just a tinge of mothballs to add to the madness. As the smoke finishes, be aware of the deep kushy vibes and sweet earthy gas that lingers on the palate. This part is quite a treat for the senses. All in all, it was a little less flavorful that I would have hoped, but I’m not complaining. Still a solid 6 on the volume flavorwise.

While Blue Mega Z hit the sweet spot of medium strength potency for me, I think it rides the line of being pretty heavy strength for a novice smoker and a pretty stoney, yet sessionable herb for the daily smoker.

In closing, this one delivers in spades, definitely one of the best Z crosses on the market right now, and that says a lot. Because they are everywhere right now. If they can get the taste dialed in just a little more then I think this is pretty close to perfection. Can’t wait to see what’s next in the series!

Super Dope Mega Z Blue Cannabis Strain Review Bonafide Dispensary 1130

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James Manson

James Manson

November 29, 2023

My name is mega man x and I approve this message.

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