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710 Labs: Persy Zkittlez




710 LABS


Lavender & Basil Soap, Baking Soda, Dryer Sheet, Pomelo & Clementine Rind. Vol. 6


(4) Medium-sized nugs made up my eighth. A little airy, squishy, and sticky. Excellent humidity and trim. Looks like this flower has been grown and handled with extreme care and attention to detail.  “A+”


Dove Bar Soap, Butane, hint of Cheez, lingering Echinacea-Scented Dishwasher Detergent.


Medium Strength – Euphoric, happy head high. Light body relaxation. Clear mind and free-flowing thoughts. Slight heart elevation, yet sessionable. Perfect for walking through the park to working on a project that demands attention.


710 Labs has made a name and reputation for itself in the cannabis community to deliver nothing but ultra-premium products. A card placed inside the jar, resting on top of the freshness seal, echoes this mission statement. And while companies can’t always live up to perfection, this is something that 710 Labs is striving for and welcome direct feedback for each SKU.

The Persy Flower series from 710 is their most exclusive, high-end batches they release. Today, we look at their Zkittlez offering, which has just been dominating crosses as of late. Let’s see how they do with this terpy and uplifting modern classic.

First off, this version of Z is a bit more soapy on the nose than other versions I’ve tried. Basil and lavender stand out in the mix as it churns into familiar notes of dryer sheet. You won’t find much perfume here on the nose. Instead, look for all the detergent volatiles, as it almost smells like you’ve opened a fresh box of baking soda while the back end of the nose is rounded out with some citrus peel like grapefruit and sweet orange.

Structurally, this is one of the best looking Z strains I’ve come across. A little airy and light, without being larfy. My personal preference leans towards these type of buds that are easy to pull apart like slow-cooked short rib. A far cry from the dense, PGR packed gelatos you find on the street. This tells me that no weird growth hormones were used during the cultivation process and this flower is as clean as could be.

On the inhale, I immediately notice the soapy terps coming through, most aligned with the smell I get from Dove branded original scent bar soap. This continues through the exhale while adding a layer of butane on top. There a bit of familiar processed cheez on the backend that comes through if you dig deep. The most interesting flavor: An herby, dry, soapy experience comes through at the very last moment resembling an echinacea dishwasher detergent note that cannot be explained as anything else to my palate. For the uniqueness alone, I can really get behind these flavors.

As expected, the effects are exactly as anticipated – an uplifted mind, body-buzz, and euphoria will be the experience for most users. This is a pretty focused, and clean high.

For me, 710 Labs lives up to its high praise with this Persy Flower batch of Zkittlez – available exclusively in the Los Angeles metro area at Bonafide Dispensary in Maywood.

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