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The Ten Co: Wazabi



The Ten Co
Zkittlez x Kush Mints #10
The Ten Co Wazabi Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary
Algae, Herbal Buttercream, Pomelo Rind, Sweet & Funky Pepper core. Vol. 5
Medium-sized buds whose leaves are packed extremely dense and tight. Dusty goblin green hue that look like little bits of brain. A tad leafy, but not bad. A little dry for my taste, but still holds plenty of moisture with some stickyness, definitely ready to go for the bowl right now and perfect for the joint. “B”
Juniper, Dryer Sheet, Cheesy Gas and Baking Soda finish. Vol. 8
Heavy Strength – Walloping head high with a thicc body high to booty. Super spacey and extremely stoney. This hits different.
The Ten Co Wazabi Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary
At last, a couple exclusive dispos have been blessed with a fresh batch of Wazabi from The Ten Co. Make sure to grab it from Bonafide in Maywood before it sells out, cause I imagine this will go quite quickly. If you’re not familiar with The Ten Co. then make sure to Google the flower that put em’ on the map: Blue Zushi – now a legendary strain that is a staple in every cannaseur’s memory bank. TC prides itself on its proprietary genetics, cultivated in-house, and this Wazabi is no different. Zkittlez x KM #10 is said to be the crosses according to various websites and the acclaimed cannabis influencer, @zerofuxthecannabisconnoisseur The Ten Co. Has really upped their game with the packaging here. The die-cut mylar shows off the cheeky art design and feels premium well before the bag is opened. On that quick note: I did notice that the package was NOT sealed from the dispensary – it was easy to open up the package without having to break out the scissors. Just something to note for the consumer who thinks there may be a problem with their pack.
The Ten Co Wazabi Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary
Wazabi has such an interesting smell shooting out from the bag – an earthy, spicy, sea-level aroma initially captures my attention. There’s a hint of cake frosting behind it all – reminds me of a rich buttercream you’d find on a good wedding cake. Hints of white grapefruit rind hide in the background, while breaking open the bud at its core reveals more spice that’s been coupled with some sweet funk and pepper. This is quite different that the caryophyllene terps that usually erupt from this zone and honestly, I can’t quite settle on a descriptor. Definitely try it out for yourself and take some notes. Granted, the bag wasn’t vacuum sealed after packaging so I suspect that might account for a little bit of the lack of humidity, but this batch was fresh enough that it hadn’t effected the quality of the terps or smoke yet. Still, I was really surprised to see this detail slip.
The Ten Co Wazabi Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary
Flavor is loud and proud with this one. I have to say I’m extremely impressed with the depth of the profile and how it translates to the palate. On top of that, I got to experience a terp for the first time with Wazabi: Baking Soda. Without any exaggeration, this was as unexpected as it was flavorful. Riding that line between being soapy, citrusy, and laundry like, this was just an amazing discovery. If anything, I think Wazabi is worth it for this fact alone. Hints of citrus rind and some cheesy butane round out the flavor profile into something a little more familiar while still keeping all of its special uniqueness.
The Ten Co Wazabi Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary
If the terps weren’t enough to draw you in, then maybe the hard-hitting effects might pull you over the edge. For those that have been following my reviews, you know I don’t talk up the effects unless it’s pretty serious. This ain’t one to sleep on if you’re looking for something heavy – although there’s a chance it may put you to sleep with its sedative body effects and swirling, hazy head high.The Ten Co. really killed it with this one. The flavor is pure and the effects are killer. Highly recommended.

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