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Teds Budz: Garlic Shrimp Girl


Garlic Shrimp Girl


Teds Budz x Bubbagum Co.


Funky Cracked Pepper, Horseradish, Mixed Nuts, hint of Earth, Fruit Loop core.


One large, beautiful nug and a few med-sized to round out the bag. The dark purple buds are smothered in a kiefy frost like little chunks of black ice. Fine humidity, some sticky resin left behind after breakdown.


Smoke: Onion Powder, Pasta Water Gas, Paper, spicy & savory lingering Burnt Pepper.

Vapor: Pine, Olde Fashioned Mint Ice Cream.


Above-Average Strength – Heavy, deep-set eyes, Loose neck and limbs. Bright and happy mood.


Last year Shrimp Girl was all the rage in my DM recommendations, but it was elusive and I never managed to locate it. So, I was pretty stoked when this was sister strain dropped into my lap. This one comes from the team over at Bubba Gum Co. (who I’m trying for the first time) and Ted’s Budz – who has been consistently procuring some of the most quality flower for years.

When cracking open the pack I get faint hints of rubber and spice, but when cracking open the bud the aroma absolutely explodes. I pick up something strong that burns my nose like wasabi or horseradish – peppery, funky, earthy and nutty at the same time. Underneath it all for a prolonged moment is something sweet, cereal-like, with an artificial fruit whiff almost exactly like Fruit Loops. I do wish the terps were a bit louder in the bag, but the volume is still residing at a 6 – so it still has plenty of amplification.

With combustion there’s a salty gas that commands the attention of my palate all throughout the exhale before developing its nuanced flavors of onion seasoning, lickable wallpaper, and savory, spicy notes that linger around till they see fit.

Vaporization is a completely different story. If this was a blind taste test I would have just thought this was some sort of OG cross – with a real creamy, sugary edge to it.

In my time off from Instagram I’ve just been smoking old school genetics and MAC grown by @capulator – for me it’s a palate cleanse from all the new new which feels like the same strains just recycled with a different name on the package.

I say this because while Garlic Shrimp Girl may look like some of its contemporary peers, it hits and tastes like some of its predecessors, which is refreshing and welcomed to the space. I love fruit and candy flower like the rest of us, but if you want to get away from all that for a bit you can lean back on a pack of Garlic Shrimp Girl and know you’re in good hands.

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