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Official Gooniez x BubbaGum Co: WOWDATSFIRE




Official Gooniez x Bubba Gum Co

Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles Weed


Pink Eraser, Lavender, Ammonia, Kraft American Singles. Vol. 3


Small-small/med buds. Some nugs are diamond encrusted deep purple while others are a snowy jade with minimal trich coverage. Excellent humidity and health. Fine trim. Grade “C”


Spiced Earth, Fuel, Mothball, Shortbread Dough. Vol. 4


Above-Average Strength – Super spacey head high with crunchy wraparound head pressure. Some light body euphoria. Decentralized thoughts, waning focus. Easily, the best feature of WDF.

Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary Weed Los Angeles Wowdatsfire


Wodatsfire is a collaboration between Official Gooniez x Bubba Gum Co. and distributed by Ted’s Budz. These trusted names in the CA cannabis scene have been lighting up dispos with their fire selection of products – with nearly the full lineup at Bonafide Maywood, which is where I picked up this pack.

Breaking the seal discharges fresh rubber before specifically turning into pink eraser. Coupled with fresh garden herb (lavender with a bit of ammonia) leads me to believe this is some Gelato cross, while it’s breeding partner remains cache. On the backend, notes of synthetic yellow cheese remind me of Kraft singles, an American staple.

Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary Weed Los Angeles Wowdatsfire

Through a jeweler’s loupe, I can see that the flower is healthy and mostly smashed with sugary trichs. Although, there is a fair amount of inconsistency between nugs. They look so different that it’s almost as if there are two separate cultivars in the bag – the only shared feature being the size of the buds. It’s a bit odd.
Via low-temp combustion, the palate is graced with hopped earth, a spot of fuel, and mothballs, as there’s just a hint of something subtle and sulfurous. On the finish, shortbread dough lingers, almost like slightly burnt pie crust flakes. It’s a little buttery and charred.
Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary Weed Los Angeles Wowdatsfire
The retrohale enables to user to experience some of those fuel notes a little more amped up, with just a hint of cracked coriander on the back of the palate.As noted above, the potency is the strongest feature of this flower. So, if you’re looking for bud that smacks, this will definitely do the trick. I just wouldn’t expect the flavor to arrest your attention, as the terps are a little softer than average.
Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary Weed Los Angeles Wowdatsfire teds budz

Wowdatsfire is altogether an interesting offering from Gooniez x Bubba Gum Co. While the flower seems to be bred for potency, I can’t help but want a little more out of the terps. The Zrilla I had from Gooniez was uber impressive, so given the choice between this and their other offerings like Dino Duck, I’d imagine myself reaching for the alternate offering until they get the consistency and flower a little more dialed in.

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