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Mount Burnin: Dirty Silky


Dirty Silky


Mount Burnin Farms


Cow Pasture, Nutty Musk, Spent Motor Oil, Slight Grapefruit Floor Cleaner. Violet backend. Lavender Black Pepper core.


Gorgeous, large/med nug selection. Crystallized inside and out. Excellent humidity, trim, cure, and health. “A” Grade.


Dry Pull: Vanilla Creme Wafer

Smoke: Milk Chocolate Espresso Bean, Cardamom, Gassy French Bread, lingering Sweet Musk.

Vapor: Malty Fuel, Hopped Spearmint Kush.


Above-Average Strength – Evenly distributed body and head high. Alleviation from stress, uber-relaxed body and muscle relief. Dissipated thoughts. Short-term memory.


This is the first weekly installment of Tour de Silky, an attempt to review as many Silky Gelato genetics from Mount Burnin that we can get our hands on.

Kicking us off is Dirty Silky, an unknown lineage from the Silky Gelato series. In true postmodernism form, the MB Chicken Mascot, Silky, is displayed on the pack parodying the classic Clint Eastwood character, Dirty Harry, from the titular flick. I love a great pop culture reference.

In the very best way, this pack is a stanky, dirty experience. My nose picks up aromas that remind me of a section on the road that, for west-coasters, you might have experienced while driving to San Francisco. There’s a cow pasture that is so pungent, that no matter how tight your windows are rolled up, totally stinks up your car. You’re left with no choice but to simply roll down your windows and embrace the sensory pain.

This flower isn’t quite as aromatic (that would be some dank weed tho), but that’s what comes to mind first as I dig into the bag. A mixed nut musk comes into the mix, while old oil on the asphalt graces the nose before trace notes of expressed grapefruit peel ammonia round out the intital smell. A deep, steady inhale reveals the delicate aroma of violet, while breaking open the bud brings out those black pepper notes with a touch of lavender.

Via combustion, this is one of the smoothest, and easiest on the throat experience that I’ve had this year. Somehow, this makes the texture of the smoke feel royal, refined, as it passes through.

On the exhale, my initial impression was delighted by a sweet, milky espresso note, almost like a Frappuccino. Then, a bit of pod spice appears before making way for a gassy, “center-of-the-bread” type of yeast that ultimately develops into a sweet, piney kush. Excellent.

For me, the effects were strong, relaxing, and long-lasting. Great for winding down at the end of the day as I felt a fair amount of muscle relief from mind to thighs.
Mount Burnin has landed a cold-blooded killer of a strain here with Dirty Silky. Definitely one to grab off the shelf if you see next time your at BONAFIDE.

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