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Fresh Baked: Cherry Fritter


Cherry Fritter


Fresh Baked


Cherry Pie x Apple Fritter

Fresh Baked Cherry Fritter Bonafide Cannabis


Medicinal Fruit, Library Books, Musty Tumbleweed, Barnyard Funk, Toasted Mint, Bug Spray, Sweet Fruit & Savory Fried Onion core. Vol. 3


One large, dense nug and two med’s to round out the 1/8th. Willow green leaves throughout with stacks of orange pistils. The frost doesn’t really show off its trichs until you get into the sunlight. Great humidity. Excellent trim and health.

Grade “A-” Sticky Lvl. 6


Smoke: Sour Yeast, Gassy Spice, Sweet Earth and lingering Doughy Pine & Yogurt. Vol. 6


Heavy Strength – This one swiftly smacks, leaving you in a dazed haze of foggy thoughts. Head pressure, creeping eyelids, body sedation. A relatively long-lasting high.

Fresh Baked Cherry Fritter Long Beach Bonafide Cannabis


Cherry Fritter has been a staple for Fresh Baked,, in rotation for years, and is often goes hand in hand when mentioning the brand. When I picked up this jar from Bonafide Dispensary in Maywood it was mentioned to me that this particular batch is fire. So without any further ado…

Complex and layered, Cherry Fritter has a nose that leaves even the most savvy cannaseurs digging for new aromas each time the jar is opened. At first crack, there is a light fruit note that lingers about, but it reminds me more of cherry Vicks VapoRub than straight fruit.

There’s a slight astringency, but it dissipates rather quickly to make way for all things dusty and musty. On the deep inhale there’s this stabled animal sort of funk that brings some straw and aged wood along with it.

Breaking down the material, you’ll notice that the sweet fruit the strain is known for becomes released. If you dig close enough, pulling the bud almost into your nose as it snaps open you’ll find something that resembles fried onion with a savory backend.

Fresh Baked Cherry Fritter Long Beach Farmers Bonafide Cannabis

Nug selection is quite choice, and I commend Fresh Baked for dropping the premium buds behind the jet black, UV-Resistant jars. Although there isn’t a freshness seal, these proprietary containers do a fine job of holding the humidity and terps intact. Resinous and sticky, clinging to my fingers after a breakdown.

After an inhale of sourdough smoke, the exhale delivers a smooth balance of hashy spiced gas ans sweet earth. The slight hint of pine and almost chewy doughy notes on the finish totally remind me of a similar taste I would get from a great batch of Animal Cookies. Once you lock in on that flavor, it becomes very crave-able, and keeps me coming back for more.

Fresh Baked Cherry Fritter Cannabis Long Beach Farmers Bonafide Maywood

At 42% total cannabinoids this certainly would appear to be a heavy hitter, and it follows through on its promise. Have some Visine nearby, as I found my eyes were bloodshot, like I’ve been swimming in the bottom of a chlorinated pool all freakin’ day. It smacks.

Fresh Baked stands alone with this offering, as it doesn’t really smell, taste, or feel like many other options on the market. Although I would say that if you are a fan of Fig Farms flower then this is the closest comparison and a solid follow-up recommendation.

I do wish that the terps and volume on the palate for a bit more pronounced, but the potency makes up for it in spades. Definitely worth a pickup up if you haven’t had it before.

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