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Connected Co: Pantera Limone


Pantera Limone


Connected Co.

Connected Pantera Limone Cannabis Review Bonafide

Gassy Lemon Jelly Belly, Sour Earth Fresh Laundry backend. Vol. 6


Medium-sized fluffy nugs. Excellent humidity, trim, and cure. A little bit of stickyness throughout. Grade “A+”


Lemon Curd Bavarian Cream, Raw Sugar Cookie & Phyllo Dough. Vol 5.


Medium Strength – Energetic, focused thoughts. Relaxed, euphoric body. Loose limbs. Light muscle relaxation. Perfect for morning til sundown. Leaves my body and mind feeling fun and fancy free.

Connected Pantera Limone Cannabis Review Bonafide
Connected and Alien Labs have gone through some major changes recently. The one big thing is the price has gone down considerably, now competing with the mid-upper level prices instead of just flat out being the most expensive. But has the quality changed? Let’s find out with this 1/8th of Pantera Limone. Cracking the seal on the jar releases a stream of gassy candy lemon terps. Before you go comparing it to Gelonade, this cultivar holds back on the musky gelato terps in lieu of creamy, smoothie-like decadence. Reminiscent of old-school strains like Sour Kush or Sour D, I get an earthy sour aroma that crosses paths with fresh laundry that I inhale on the deep backend. It’s not too complex, but none the less, totally intoxicating.

Connected Co Pantera Limone Cannabis Strain Review Bonafide

Structurally, the fluffy nugs are riddled with trichomes that end up looking like little pieces of dark green rock candy. Deep purple hues run throughout the herb, and it breaks down like a dream between my fingers.

While smoking Pantera Limone, I found the smoke to be incredibly smooth and lived up to the creaminess I’d expect from the nose. Sugary lemon terps intitally hit the palate before rolling off into a soft, doughy mouthfeel that reminded me of eating Christmas cookie dough before it’s been popped into the oven. The flavor profile finishes with even more doughy notes that taste more like cooked unsweetened Phyllo dough that I’ve had while making homemade Baklava.

Connected Co Pantera Limone Cannabis Strain Review Bonafide

Pantera Limone doesn’t offer any clue as to whether it’s an indica or sativa, but judging from my notes above this one leans more on the head-focused, energetic and euphoric side than body (even though some body-high traits might comes in tiny waves depending on the user.)
All in all, I found this to be a really solid strain from Connected and the perfect medicine for someone who is looking to medicate during the day, get errands done, or not feel the drag-down effects that some cultivars have. A definite win and recommendation.

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