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Cannabiotix: Mount Zereal Kush


Mount Zereal Kush


Cannabiotix (CBX)


Kush Mountains x Zereal Milk

Cannabiotix CBX Mount Zereal Kush


Lemon Cookie Dough, Spearmint Kush, Cherrywood, OG Kush “freshness” backend. Fried Sage & Minted Lemon Rind core. Vol. 7


One large nug and two mediums. Excellent selection. Defines the term, “Sticky Icky,” as it’s resin-coated flower becomes glued to my fingers on the breakdown. Just perfect humidity, trim, and cure. Impressive. “A+” Grade.


Dry Pull: Savory Candied Citrus Hash Vol 3.

Smoke: Marshmallow, Sweet Tarts. Sour Kushy-Spiced Pine Needle Cedar. Vol 7.

Vapor: 1st Hit. Dryer Sheet Mentos, lingering Aloe & Eucalyptus. Subsequent hits: Wintergreen Movie Theater Popcorn. Vol. 5.


Average Strength. An uplifting, sessionable herb that enlightens the soul and mind. I found myself extremely optimistic, self-aware, with a little buzz in the body. Not a lot of a head pressure, but that’s the most obvious physical effect to me. This one is much more cerebral than anything.

Cannabiotix CBX Mount Zereal Kush


Cannabiotix puts out an excellent, fire flower with Mount Zereal Kush. Having had both Zereal Milk (plus Cereal Milk) and Kush Mountains on it’s own, this one makes my favorite of all the ones I’ve had from CBX.

The nose on MZK is fresh and lively. One descriptor that you’ll hear several times during this review is “balanced,” which is very much the case here. Nothing overpowers or competes with another, truly a harmonious blend of lemon rind, cookie dough, spearmint kush, and cherry wood. Breathing in deep brings more of that OG Kush “freshness” to the backend. Breaking open the bud gives off notes of toasted fried sage & more minted lemon drop.

Cannabiotix CBX Mount Zereal Kush

Structurally, this could be the best bud I’ve seen all year. These near-perfect nugs don’t photograph nearly as well as they should. The trichome coverage is thick, the bud is ultra fresh and sticky. While it doesn’t have quite the sparkle that Fig Farms flowers do, this is A+ material.

While combusting MZK, you’ll immediately notice how incredibly smooth it is on the throat through both the inhale and exhale. And again, incredibly balanced flavor.

The inhale brings the base flavor of spiced cedar which continues throughout while other notes twirl above. The exhale is filled with creamy marshmallow fluff and sweet tarts candy.

The retrohale offers up the full package, as a beautiful sour kush fuses with the spiced cedar base while bits of pine needle tickle the palate on the finish, which is quite long and flavorful.

Cannabiotix CBX Mount Zereal Kush

Do I reccommend Mount Zereal Kush? With a resounding hell yes, grab this one with any doubt and be sure to snag it from Bonafide in Maywood along with the rest of their killer selection of exotic flowers.

Excellent work on this one Cannabiotix. It checked every box, which just barely tipped it over the edge for me, earning a coveted score. If the flavor was amped up a little more I think this would deserve a perfect score.

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