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Super Dope: Bubblegum Popperz


Bubblegum Popperz


Super Dope x Hi Tech x Fear of Boof

Super Dope Hi Tech Fear Of Boof Bubblegum Popperz Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary


Fresh Linen, Crushed Star Anise Pod, Sharpie, Rubbery Black Pepper core. Vol. 8


Large, frosty green buds packed with wild orange rope hairs as far as the eye can see. Humidity, trim, and health are excellent. “A Grade”


Envelope Sealer flavored Saltwater Taffy, Activated Charcoal Fuel, Brine, Play-Doh finish. Vol. 5


Above-Average Strength – Mellowing body buzz, Rubber neck, heavy eyelids, heightened sensitivity to light. Slowed, mind-warping thoughts. For me, this one is best served with a digestif (or whenever you want to wind down for the evening.) Ample pain and muscle relief – for me, leans towards the sedentary side if nothing else.

Super Dope Bubblegum popperz Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary


All within the span of less than a year, Superdope has made quite the splash with their fruit-focused Popperz flowers. This third installment in the Super Hentai series, Bubblegum Popperz, marks a departure from its predecessors, all the while maintaining a logical, linear progression of the brand.

On the nose, BP initially hits my nose with the smell of hot laundry. You might recall the sensory experience if you’ve ever walked past a community laundry room located in an apartment complex – the hot air that blows out of that room… it’s unmistakable.

Super Dope Bubblegum Popperz Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary

I pick up a big spicy star anise aroma, similar to natural black licorice, coating my olfactory with leaving little room for fresh permanent marker on the backend. Breaking open the bud reveals some caryophyllene and black pepper, but mixed with a hint of rubber like when dusty electronics run hot.

The nugs I received were just absolutely gorgeous, and extremely easy to photograph. Large, tight colas, a vibrant hue, and rock candy trichomes were a shame as I broke them down to smoke, but alas, it had to do be done.

Super Dope Bubblegum Popperz Cannabis review Bonafide Dispensary

While the inhale has plenty of volume and viscosity, it doesn’t feel heavy on the lungs or throat. The exhale is much more delicate than expected, with light notes of licked envelope aftertaste in the form of saltwater Taffy. A bit of spice and smoke leans towards drinks that I’ve had with activated charcoal with a bit of gas peeping in the background.
On the retrohale, a pop of brine, similar to a dirty martini, hits for a moment before finishing into a salty dough – which always conjures up the childhood memory of when I thought it would a good idea to taste Play-Doh… for science. Little did I know that this display of adolescent dipshittery would be applicable decades later.
Super Dope Bubblegum Popperz Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary
Potency slides comfortably into the “Above-Average” category and for me, predominately leaning towards relaxation and sedentary body effects. Or what most people would describe as “indica” effects, which isn’t necessarily accurate, but that’s a whole different discussion.Even though my heart was set on completing several tasks on a day off, Bubblegum Popperz kept my mind constantly wandering and jumping from task to task without finishing any of them. Best leave this one for when there’s nothing left to do for the day.
Super Dope Bubblegum Popperz Cannabis Review Bonafide Dispensary
While Bubblegum Popperz fails to deliver any kind of Bubblegum terp profile to my palate, that doesn’t mean it should impact the experience or be discounted as a non-successful strain. In fact, quite the opposite. It’s just unique and familiar enough, with a bit of Gelato and Z that never turns candy or perfumed. And hell, if they wanna call it Bubblegum Popperz, let em call it what they want. Cause it does trick and let’s face it, Laundry Popperz doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

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