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Official Gooniez x 12 Alarm Fire: Z-Rilla




Gooniez x 12 Alarm Fire


Ted’s Budz


Zkittlez x GG4


Tutti Frutti Strawberry & Pineapple, Fresh Rain, bit of Parmesan. Yellow Citrus backend. Candied Savory Pepper core.


Mostly Small/Med-sized nugs. Jet black purple flower with a coating of icy chartreuse kief. Excellent cure and health. Fine humidity. “B”


Dry Pull: Tart Hibiscus

Smoke: Herbaceous Gas, Creamy Malted Dough, lingering lightly-pined Mochi.

Vapor: Tarragon, Pine, ABC Gum, lingering Elderflower Kush & Touch of Mentos.


Moderately Heavy Strength, with a caveat. See notes below for the overall picture.


The Gooniez team up with 12 Alarm Fire for this monster of a strain, Zrilla. This zombie flower definitely packs a punch at 39% THC – but that’s not all it has going for it.

Upon opening the pack you’ll instantly detect the presence of strawberry and a slurry of other fruit: pineapple, banana with hints of orange blossom water give this a bit of a Tutti Frutti vibe, but not enough to overshadow the strawberry as dominant.

For the discerning nose you might pick up the scent of Fresh Rain. The kind you’ll find as an added fragrance to your soap. And definitely a bit of hard cheese, similar to parmesan, resides soft and light in the background.

An intense, deep inhale reveals a hidden citrus with a bit of ammonia while the fruit totally vanishes. Breaking open the bud contains even more strawberry and bits of savory black pepper. Volume is cranked up to 8.

While my pack contained a few smalls to round out the 1/8th, it was mostly filled with plump small/med nugs that were very attractive. I prefer a little more humidity, but the cure is excellent, and as seen in the previous category, the terps really shine.

Dry pull reminded me of a tart, hibiscus-flavored black tea, while the smoke is more gassy than anything.

On the inhale, I found the high THC% to be extremely heavy on my throat, simulating that sucking on a tailpipe type of gas that really tests your lungs. Still herbaceous through and through with bits of basil and other greenery.

The exhale kept the pedal to the metal, with plenty of fuel in the tank. A malty, milky, unsalted pretzel dough gives some much needed relief to the palate before settling into a mochi-like texture flavor with pine needles laying on the very back of the palate near the uvula.

Personally, I found the most interesting terps through vaporization. The notes above: “Tarragon, Pine, ABC Gum, lingering Elderflower Kush & Touch of Mentos.” would normally be expanded upon in my writing, but I didn’t find any one flavor as dominant over the others. Truly a balanced experience. Highly recommended for the vaper.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… the potency. No cap, this is some ludicrously strong weed. It hits you hard and fast, with your head feeling like the aftershock after an extreme, wooden rollercoaster. Waves of body high here and there, but this is mostly head-focused.

The caveat? This intense feeling doesn’t last very long. For me, it was a solid 25-30 minutes of blowing air through my mouth with my lips closed and being like, “damn, this shit is for real.” When weed has me talking out of character, you know it strong af. But, as the super stoneyness subsides for something a little more mellow and manageable it’s really a relief. I did find that smoking more kept it up instead of smoking myself sober, which tends to happen at higher volumes.

All in all, I really liked this flower. Definitely recommend it for anyone who needs more potent medicine for their physical needs… or just wants to get blasted. It’ll definitely do that.

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