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Mount Burnin: Silky Montana


Silky Montana


Mount Burnin Farms


Grana Padano, Foreign Fruit Musk, Astringent Stone Fruit, Roadkill.


Med/large nug selection. A bit kiefy, similar structure to LCG crosses. Perfect humidity, excellent cure, health. “A” Grade


Dry Pull: Good & Plenty Candy

Smoke: Tart & Gassy Cream, Leather, lingering Spiced Mocha Construction Paper & Blackcurrant Jam.

Vapor: Mixed Nuts, Mentos, lingering Chamomile & Pine.


Moderate Strength – Relaxed body high, loose limbs, a little lazy. Swimming head high. Scattered thoughts. For me, this is best smoked near the end of the day after I’ve finished working.


This Silky Scarface parody might be my favorite of all the bag designs from Mount Burnin Farms. Make sure to check out the 2nd to last picture to see the back of the bag. Of course, my imagination just replays the entire film with Al Pacino being replaced by a giant chicken… I’d pay good money to see that flick.

As soon as I rip open the pack my wife asks across the room says, “Did something die over there?” There’s some loud terps on this one. Hard, Italian cheese up front, followed by rotting exotic fruit, some cherry floor cleaner and citrus, and yeah… something that smells like a dead animal carcass that’s been rotting in the sun on the side of the highway. You know we love it. Volume is around 9.

Although the genetics are undisclosed, we can probably assume this comes from the LCG family, given the structure of the flower and kiefy nature of the bud. For something from this lineage, the buds are massive and truly impressive to spin in the sunlight. Breaking the bud down by hand is easy, not powdery in the slightest.

Flavor is strong with this one! Via combustion, I pick up a sweet tart-infused heavy cream on the inhale and start of the exhale. Following through brings a bit of a leathery note, similar to the fresh wallet note that can be found in the scotch whiskey, Bowmore 12. As the smoke is fully released from the lungs, I found a cornucopia of flavor that ultimately my brain decided to categorize as a (see notes above) “Spiced Mocha Construction Paper and Blackcurrant Jam.” I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s certainly it’s own thing. I dig it.

For the dry flower vapers out there you’ll love this one. At first, there’s a sweaty mixed nut musk that initially attacks my palate before giving way to a lightly mentholated Mentos, with that malty kind of chewing gum taste, followed by herbaceous notes similar to lavender or chamomile. Finally, a gentle pine coats my entire mouth with flavor, leaving no trace of bitterness behind. Really liked this one through the vape.

This is the most candy-like flower that I’ve had from Mount Burnin and I think they killed it with this batch. Even though the market is being flooded with these type of strains they’re not all good. I’ve had plenty of them over the past few years that didn’t gold a candle to the quality we have here. If you’re looking for that type of flower, I’d say Silky Montana definitely satisfies the craving.

Side note: For anyone looking for laughs , there’s a great parody trailer for The Shining a few years back called, “The Chickening” – it did very well in the film festival circuit, featuring batshit irreverent humor. Look it up on YouTube if you’d like a short distraction. I don’t know why this reminded me of the video, but there it is.

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