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Super Gremlin




Zkittlez x Gusher Pie

Champelli Super Gremlin Weed Strain Review Bonafide cannabis Dispensary


Fresh Rubber, Wintergreen Menthol, Antifreeze, Mixed Nuts,Β  Spent Oil, backend Earthy Black Licorice. Vol. 7


Three medium-sized buds made up my eighth. A little squishy, nice humidity. Good trim and cure.


Creamy & Floral, Browned Sugar Cookie, Violet Gas. Vol. 5


Above-Average Strength. Swimming head high and euphoric, buzzing body high. Introspective thoughts. Relaxed and joyous. Good herb to wind down with at the end of the day.

Champelli Super gremlin weed strain review Bonafide cannabis dispensary maywood


Champelli, a big time player in the traditional market is now dropping flower to the dispo market. One of their most sought after flowers is this one, Super Gremlin – a clever cross of Zkittlez x Gusher Pie.

Packaging is on fire with this one, as the die-cut mylar with the Mega Gremlin looks like some sort of Japanese monster as it terrorizes what looks to be San Francisco. Let’s hope that kind of destruction is going on inside the pack.

As soon as I open the pack, I notice the aroma has a pink eraser and permanent marker scent going all on at once – reminiscent of some of the best Sherb crosses. The Z is tame here, this is much more heavy on the minty hazelnut gas coming from the Gusher Pie.

Champelli Super Gremlin Weed Review Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary Maywood

While the bud doesn’t look too crazy in my palm, as soon as I shine a flashlight over it the trichs really start to pop and glisten. Close inspection reveals healthy, clean product. This has been lovingly cared for during cultivation.

On the palate, the inhale gives just a touch of light floral yogurt notes, while the exhale tastes more like a jasmine-infused cream puff. A little butane pushes through before giving way to violet gas. While this flavor lingers, traces of burnt brown sugar cookie make a quick appearance before settling down. A refined flavor profile to say the least.

Champelli Super Gremlin weed review Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary

The casual smoker will be knocked back pretty hard by this smoke, while the daily smoker will still feel the effects without being too β€œhazed up” for the day.

Super Gremlin fits nicely on the top shelf at Bonafide as a premium offering. I wouldn’t be in the least surprised to hear nothing but positive reviews for this cultivar. Definitely a solid recommendation for anyone who likes the sound of the aroma and tasting notes as described above.

Champelli Super Gremlin Weed Review Bonafide cannabis Dispensary Maywood

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