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Blue Print: Triple Lindy


Triple Lindy


Blue Print




Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Humulene, Pinene

Blue Print Triple Lindy Cannabis Strain Bonafide Dispensary Los Angeles


Mixed Nuts, Melted Tire, Pink Eraser, Animal Musk, Tropical Fruit backend. Vol. 8


Medium-sized nugs. Excellent humidity, trim, cure, and selection. Mostly pale green throughout, lightly frosted, dewey small trichomes.


Sour Cream, Fresh Fuel, Peanut Skin, Red Pepper Flake, Cheez Whiz, lingering Hashy Dough. Vol. 7


Heavy Strength: Both head and body effects are present with a slight bias to the relaxing, muscle relief from the shoulders down. Some couch-lock side effects with a loose neck. Hazy head pressure. Wandering thoughts. Focus is impaired, so I’d suggest to save this for the end of the night when the goal is to relax.

Blue Print Triple Lindy Cannabis Strain Review Bonafide Weed Dispensary


Blueprint has created some serious buzz for themselves with this cultivar, Triple Lindy. It garnered much attention with its 1st Place finish at the 2022 Zalympix Winter Olympics for Best Overall, Most Potent, and 2nd Place for Best Tasting.

If you’re a terp connoisseur then you will be absolutely delighted by the unique nose. Initially, there’s a strong nuttiness that escapes the jar: hazelnut, crushed almond, and some cashew make up the mix. Next, aggressive rubber notes and toasted mint hold its own against feral, Gelato musk. On the backend, there’s just a hint of sweet tropical fruit and pink eraser.

Because of the tight freshness seal on the jar, the terps are loud and fresh, the bud is pliable and well-humidified. Volume is about an 8, so it’s well up there.

Blue Print Triple Lindy Weed Review Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary The Fire Scale

Structurally, the tight and relatively sticky buds look like the very best of the bunch in each jar. These Gelato cultivars tend to be a bit on the smaller side, so these medium-sized nugs feel generous and well above-average.
For the flavor chasers, you’ll find some familiar terps with a slight twist, making it something that I would recommend for this category alone. Sour cream is dominant throughout, while layers of fresh gas, hazelnuts & peanut skin, with oddly enough, red pepper pizza flakes making an appearance – these layers just come and go depending on the hit and temperature.
Lastly, the flavor rounds out with a hashy, sweet dough that cleanses the palate as much as it thrills. Triple Lindy earns high marks in the flavor category, no doubt about it.
Blue Print Triple Lindy Weed Review Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary
As previously mentioned, this strain recently took 1st Place for Most Potent. For the consumer, it’s important to note that effects and potency shift from batch to batch. This particular flower that was sampled was well above-average, and heavy strength for 99% of us.
Overall, I’m extremely impressed with Blueprint, as this is my first time trying their flower. Absolutely worth a pickup for the cannabis aficionado. I’d definitely be inclined to try their other strains in the future.
Blue Print Triple Lindy Weed Review Bonafide Cannabis Dispensary Los Angeles

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