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12 Alarm Fire: Trippin' Noodles


Trippin Noodles


12 Alarm Fire

OG NATION 12 Alarm Fire Trippin Noodles Cannabis Weed Marijuana Review


Fresh Paint, Floor Cleaner, Cherry Laffy Taffy, hint of Perfume. Vol. 4


Frosty small-sized buds. Snowy green with chunks of dark gray-tinged forest green leaves poking weaved throughout the flower. Dense and compact. Excellent humidity, cure, and health.


Peppercorn, Savory Umami Paste, Circus Peanuts. Vol. 6


Medium Strength – Hazy head symptoms. Creeping eyelids, third-eye pressure, and light muscle relief down to the shoulders. Body feels a little loose. Foggy thoughts,

OG NATION 12 Alarm Fire Trippin Noodles Cannabis Weed Marijuana Strain Review


12 Alarm Fire had quite a hit with Zrilla, their recent collab with Gooniez, which was a highly recommended pickup that we reviewed back in April ’22.

Trippin’ Noodles is what’s on the docket today. Featuring some fantastic bag art and design, this one stands out on the shelves amount the other small, rectangular mylars. But what’s inside?

On the nose, you’ll find a generous, albeit subtle, aromas to take in: Freshly applied paint, some generic brand floor cleaner (which gives off some added ammonia), red-colored candy taffy, and just a drop of perfume on the backend. My only wish is the terps were a little louder, but still, there’s a lot to explore here.

Buds were very much on the smaller side, with a good amount of moisture and tiny bit of stickiness. Maybe this pack included buds that were a little lower on the stem or didn’t get as much light? Either way, if you are looking for giant nugs you might have to get the budtender to feel a couple packs for ya.

The most unique feature of Trippin’ Noodles is without a doubt its flavor. On the inhale, my mouth went askew as a sour, pink peppercorn note hits hard. The exhale delivers a sorta savory umami note that reminds me of Miso paste. Lastly, a sweet almost banana marshmallow kinda flavor comes on the backend, which reminds me of the retro candy, Circus Peanuts.

Now even though my notes above will suggest that because the head effects are stronger, don’t mistake this strain for a sativa, which is more commonly associated with uplifting effects. This one is more of a heavy, hazy, sloshy, sativa hybrid with some light indica thrown in there.

For terp connoisseurs looking to find something pretty fresh, this is definitely one to consider as the terps were unique and a little strange in a good way. That’s why we pick up exotic cannabis, for experiences that can’t be found anywhere else, not a generic batch of watered down OG. So this definitely checks that box. I do think that this particular pack could have been a little better with the nug selection and terp volume, but still, a good one to consider when perusing strains at Bonafide Maywood.

OG NATION 12 Alarm Fire Trippin Noodles Cannabis Weed Marijuana Strain Review

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